what we do

Support and Mentoring - Sometimes we all need a little extra support.  Getting that help early can make all the difference and that’s why we offer lots of ways to get the help needed in a way that works for each individual young person. Our support includes: Mentoring Short courses: Tougher – life skills and resilience Survivor – outdoor […]
Youth Clubs and Doorstep Sports - We run a number of youth clubs and other groups in Surrey Heath.  They’re a great way to see your friends and make new ones, relax, try new stuff and have some fun. We aim for all our clubs to be inclusive.  If you have any concerns or questions please do get in touch.
Youth Organisations Forum - We believe in working together.  In Surrey Heath there are lots of organisations that support young people and often we have similar interests and face common challenges. The Youth Organisations Forum meets twice a year to network, have updates and talks on topics that effect us all and to share news.  Recent topics have included […]
Youth Voice - Young people have a right to a have a say in decisions that effect them.  We have the privilege of supporting young people in expressing their views and also in representing other young people. Surrey Heath Youth Council WVYP runs the Surrey Heath Youth Council, a group of young 11-18 year olds who aim to […]