Mental Health

We believe passionately in engaging with the whole of of each young person we journey with.  Mental well-being is at the core of youth work and that’s why we are involved in a range of projects to support young people facing mental health difficulties, to reduce stigma and discrimination around mental health, to improve local services and to help get mental health treated equally alongside physical health.

Five a Day

Try these five to support your mental health:

  • Connect with people around you – building these connections will support you.
  • Be active – exercising makes you feel good – find an activity you enjoy.
  • Take notice of the world around you, of nature, and what you are feeling, be curious.
  • Learn – try something new, rediscover an old interest, take a course, or a fun challenge.
  • Give – do something nice for a friend, or stranger, thank someone, smile, volunteer.

Getting Help

Mindsight Surrey CAMHS is the partnership delivering new and better support and services for young people in Surrey.     Whether you’re a young  person, parent/guardian or professional, you can find lots of information and contact details on the Mindsight Surrey CAMHS website.

Surrey Heath Guide

We have worked with the Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group to create the Guide to Mental Health Services for Young People (version 04).  This is aimed at GP’s, youth workers, schools and anyone else who supports young people (i.e. it is not young person friendly).  It’s aim is to improve young people’s access to support by focussing on the key services that are local to or intended for Surrey Heath.

NB: We no longer update this guide but it still contains some useful information so we have left here for people to use.