Think Big

Together with Think BigWe’re delighted to be a partner with Think Big, a social action programme from O2 Telefonica, in conjunction with the National Youth Agency and UKYouth.  If you’ve got a great idea and want to apply for some cash and support, get in contact with WVYP and as local partners we’ll support you.

What is Think Big?

Setting up a local football team. Painting a community centre. Running a campaign to educate young people about knife crime.
Young people are full of great ideas, energy and enthusiasm. But they need support and money to make it all happen.

Think Big is a programme aimed at young people aged 13-25 who want to make positive changes in their community.  If they’ve got a great project idea, we’ll help them get going.

Think Big aims to harness the incredible talents of young people to bring people together in their communities. We want to help young people make the most of their potential, and inspire others. We want to change the way young people think about themselves and their communities, and change the way people think about them.

Initially young people can apply for £300 (Think Big), for their community project. If they successfully complete their Think Big project they will have the opportunity to apply for £2,500 (Think Bigger). For more information or to apply for Think Big please visit

“Can I apply for….?”

Your Think Big project should:

  • Be created and managed by a young person aged 13-25.
  • Have a positive impact on other individuals, the community or the environment.
  • Show creative or entrepreneurial thinking to tackle a social issue that’s important to you.
  • Help you and any other young people involved to gain practical skills including: Self-Confidence, Project Management, Communication, Creativity & Innovation and Digital Literacy
  • Be realistic for £300, or be a small, clearly defined project within a bigger idea.
  • Be safe for all participants. All people working with young people must have a criminal records check and youth work activity to involve a trained youth worker.
  • Be underway within three months of approval and completed within six months.
    Encourage young people to develop digital or online solutions to social issues. There needs to be social/community benefit
    Have five milestones outlining a beginning, middle and end to the project, clearly demonstrating the use of the funds.
    Take place, benefit people and communities in the UK and money should
    be spent in the UK.

Think Big won’t fund:

  • Any project which takes place outside the UK.
  • Any fundraising activities for charities or community groups
  • Any wages either for Project Leaders or volunteers. We also don’t allow for funding to go towards professional fees (technicians, coaches etc.)
  • Any training or equipment purchase unless there is a clear project and visible benefit to others or the local community.
  • Any projects supporting, promoting or endorsing of a political or religious organisation.