StepUp Grants for Tabby and Darci


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Tabby Goulty (age 15) and Darci Goulty (age 12) from Windlesham have both been awarded StepUp grants to help develop their wakeboarding skills.  Here’s what the sisters had to say about the award:

’Both of us started wakeboarding a few years ago but it is in the last two years that we chose to take up the sport competitively. As well as entering fun competitions we now compete in nationally ranked competitions, the next being the British Cable Nationals at the end of July. We are so grateful to have been given this StepUp grant from Windle Valley Youth Project.  The money will enable us to have one-to-one coaching sessions with CK Koester – British National Team Coach – on the newly installed System 2 cable at JBSki in Thorpe. The System 2 is a two point cable that can tow one rider at a time, giving us exclusive use and one- to-one coaching. Our aim this year is to become more confident adding tricks on obstacles and progressing to air tricks. Our ultimate goal is to gain a place on the Talent Development Program and the GB Squad.’